Sculpture by the Sea

An audio shower of stories as part of Sculpture by the Sea 2007.

A series of beach showers were installed along the Bondi-Tamarama coastline which has been modified to include a speaker in the shower head. Instead of water, passers by were showered with local histories and stories crafted into short audio documentaries and soundscapes.

One of my favourite comments while installing the work was from a local surfer kid who asked if I was from the council. He thought it was great there was finally a shower going in at Tamarama. He didn’t quite get it that it was only audio – “Is there still going to be water though?”

This was my first foray into public art while at university. I would go on to collaborate with Token Imagination, Reef Knot and 107 Projects on a range of public art and festivals including Art & About, Underbelly Arts, Sydney Festival First Night and Peats Ridge Festival.


October 2007
Solo artwork
Alex Ryan
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